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Anatomy and Physiology Sample Test questions


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Here are some sample questions that should help you reveiw for your test.  Remember, the questions listed here may or may not be found on the test.  Knowing these answers, however, will help you answer the questions on the test.

1.)    The ability of a muscle fiber to receive and respond to a stimulus is called?

2.)    The ability of a muscle fiber to resume its length after contraction is called?

3.)    Each muscle fiber is surrounded by a connective tissue sheath called the?

4.)    Several muscle fibers are gathered together into bundles of cells called?

5.)    In indirect attachments, the muscle fascia extends beyond the muscle as a ropelike tendon or broad flat?

6.)    The plasma membrane of a muscle fiber is the?

7.)    Actin filaments are?

8.)    Myosin filaments are?

9.)    A continuous contraction that shows no evidence of relaxation is?

10.)  Contraction elicited by a single brief stimulus is a?

11.)  The sites where the motor nerve impulse is transmitted from the nerve ending to the muscle fiber membrane are?

12.)  A contraction in which the muscle shortens and work is done is?

13.)  A contraction in which the muscle does not shorten but tension in the muscle keeps increasing is?

14.) When a muscle is being stimulated but is not able to respond due to oxygen debt is?

15.) To accomplish a strong contraction, few or many motor units are stimulated at a rapid rate?

16.)  When a weak but smooth contraction is desired, few or many motor units are stimulated at a rapid rate?

17.)  The neurotransmitter released by a motor neuron is?

18.)  The ions that enter a muscle fiber during the generation of an action potential?

19.)  Myoglobin functions in which manner?

20.)  The region in a muscle fiber from Z line to Z line is referred to as?

21.)  The unstoppable result of an action potential is referred to as?

22.)  Muscle contractions can be graded by increasing the rapidity of stimulation?

23.)  The high-energy compound stored in muscles is?

24.)  The strength or force of a contraction depends on?

25.)  Non-contractile elements that attach muscle to moveable structures are called?

26.)  Muscle fibers that contract slowly but have plentiful mitochondria, myoglobin, and vascularization are?

27.)  Muscle fibers that depend on the anaerobic pathway for quick powerful contractions that are short lived are?

28.)  Muscle contraction is the interaction between which two systems?


Sample short answers:


  1. Describe and define rigor mortis
  2. Describe and define the effects of exercise on a muscle
  3. Describe and define the atrophy of a muscle tissue
  4. Describe and sketch a motor unit
  5. Fully describe the sliding filament theory including cross bridge attachment, power stroke, detachment, and cocking of the myosin heads.  Also include the role of calcium throughout this process.


Possible labeling:


  1. The layers of a connective tissue wrappings, including origin and insertion, and tendon and aponeurosises.


Good Luck!