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Questions from Lab: Equilibrium Conditions Week of 4-25.
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Questions from Lab


1)      Did you use the larger straw for the forward or reverse reaction?

2)      At equilibrium was more liquid in products or reactants?  Why?

3)      What was the effect on equilibrium when you started with 25 ml in the product side?  Why would this result be predictable?

4)      Graph your results using excel by transfer number on the X- axis and volume on the Y-axis.  Be sure to title your graph appropriately.

5)      What happened to the rate of the forward and reverse reaction as the reaction continued (Hint: the curve of the line represents the rate of the reaction.)

6)      Was equilibrium established in all sets of conditions? If so what can you conclude about the nature of equilibrium?

7)      What variable determined whether there was a greater volume of reactants or products at equilibrium in each experiment?

8)      If equilibrium conditions were established, why could this be called a dynamic process?