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This sheet must be signed by parent or guardian and returned within two days of distribution.  Failure to return this sheet will result in a grade of a 0 be entered in the grade book for the assignment.


Student Name ________________________                                     Date _____________


Parent Name _________________________


To the parent:


The following signature indicates that you have seen your son or daughter’s work and understand that although cooperation and group work is often promoted in class, each student is responsible for individual completion of the assignment.  If this is the first time the notice has been sent home, it will serve as a warning.  If this is the second time this notice has been sent home, proper channels for plagiarism or cheating will be followed (as described in the student handbook). Thank you for your cooperation.



Parent Signature _________________________


Assignment _____________________________


This notice is intended to keep parents abreast of their son or daughter’s progress in class.  It will be entered into a folder for your child if any questions or concerns arise later in the year.  Thank you for your continued time and support from home.  A photocopy of the assignment has been attached with names of other offending parties removed.