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Web Site Notification

To whom it may concern:


Hello, my name is Mr. Dvarskas.  I am currently teaching your son or daughter exciting information about some form of Biological or Chemical systems.  To aid your child in understanding the material, I have created a web site that has all the information I cover in class listed.  The web is a very powerful tool that has not been fully utilized in the past.  Several years ago was the pilot year for the site.  I received some encouraging feedback from students and intend to continue developing the site.  If you child should be out of school, the information missed is readily available so they do not fall behind in their studies.  The address of the site is  Feel free to browse the site at your leisure.  With this in mind, if you child is missing notes or diagrams, those things are provided online.  In addition to notes or diagrams, weekly schedules for assignments are listed.  If you are curious as to what you child has for homework, all assignments are listed on the daily notes section of the site.  Handouts from class will also be available online in full color.  Remember, for success to occur in the academic arena, a partnership between student, teacher, and parent is necessary.  Please take a few moments to reinforce your child’s learning.  If you do not have access to the internet at home, the school offers free access to your student at all times.


In addition to the web site, I am always available as a source of help.  I am at school at 6:45 each morning and do not leave until 3:15.  I am very willing to stay later if your child has other commitments that must be met first.  I love to give extra help, but realize that those times may not be convenient for you or your child due to work and extracurricular activities.  With that in mind, my email address is  You or your child can email me questions at any point in time.  I look forward to a rewarding and fulfilling year.   Thank you for your time.



Allen Dvarskas

Allen Dvarskas