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Unsavory Behavior Notice:                                           Date: _______________


The following notice is to inform you that your son or daughter has received a detention for breaking the classroom rules and regulations.  If your son or daughter has received this notice in response to excessive socialization during classroom hours or for tardiness to class, no description of the offense will follow.  If the impetus for the notice was other than excessive socialization or tardiness, a brief description of the offence will be noted below. 


Student Name _______________________               Excessive Socialization  ____


Date of Offense ______________________               Excessive Tardiness to class      ____


Date of Scheduled Detention ____________                Other ______ (see below for details)


Failure of your son or daughter to return this form within 3 days of the offense will merit an office referral regardless of whether your son or daughter has already served the detention for the original offense.


Parent Name _________________________


Parent Signature ______________________


Student Signature _____________________


















Instructor signature:               _____________________________              Date: _______

Instructor signature

 upon return of notice:            _____________________________              Date: _______